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          Every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ

          Founded in 1989, Landmark Christian School is an independent, Christian, college-preparatory K4-12 school located in metro Atlanta.

          In The News

          Shannon Sheffield, Landmark Christian Life Team
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        • 5 Ways Schools Can Prepare Students For the World Beyond High School

          Dr. Daniel Wesche, Landmark Christian School, Associate Head of School

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        • The Lord's Rocking Chair

          Kensi Adams, MS Middle School Discipleship Teacher

          504 Gateway Time-out

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        • Landmark Christian Alumni Standout Runner To Compete At Olympic Trials

          Durand Rice, Sports Information
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        • Why We Read Great Books

          Amy Harriton, Landmark Christian School Associate Head of School
          504 Gateway Time-out
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          Hear Our Story

          Every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ

          Landmark Christian School

          Phone: 770-306-0647  |  Fax: 770-969-6551  | Admission Fax: 770-692-6794 | Toll Free: 877-834-6644  
          Privacy Policy

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